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York Snack Food

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Services We Provide

We sell our products sell products to greater Philadelphia area, Southern New Jersey and Northern Delaware. Currently we are present in all segments of wholesale market such as large distributors, wholesalers, HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, cafes), independent “jobbers”, who serve convenience stores and local supermarkets and also we deliver to stores through our own delivery network.

York Snack Food Distributor has its own routs and services more than 600 privately owned stores. Most of our employees are fluent in English and Spanish.

We are representing at a local territory interests of approximately 25 snack food producers. We sell potato and corn chips, cheese flavored curls, soft and hard cookies, candies, meat snacks, pistachios, sun flower seeds, etc. – about 130 of snack food groups in total.

In alliance with our partners (distributors, wholesalers and independent “jobbers”) we deliver our products to approximately 2,500 stores in a greater Philadelphia area.