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York Snack Food

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Our Company

York Snack Food Distributor, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of packaged snack foods. The business has been in existence for more than 50 years. Under present ownership it was incorporated in July 2000. Our 25000-square-foot warehouse is conveniently located at 1500-06 North 5 Th. Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122. Our sales grew up to $7.5 mln and we have 12 full-time employees now.

We own brand new fleet of delivery vehicles - step-vans and high cubes.

Warehouse operations are fully computerized using Intuit QuickBooks Retail Management Software Point of Sale v. 6.0. Route drivers are using XRS-1 Distribution v. 2.1 Windows Mobile based software for Intermec CN2 handheld rigid computers equipped with Bluetooth O’Neil 4t mobile printers. For accounting purposes we are using Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2012 software.